Are you looking for Timing Belt Repair for your vehicle?

A timing belt is an essential part of an internal combustion engine, synchronising the rotation of camshafts and crankshafts. It helps engine valves to open and close at the right time during every cylinder’s intake and exhaust strokes. The proper operation of this component is essential to ensure optimum efficiency of an engine.

Nevertheless, timing belts are not built to last a lifetime. Similar to the other parts of a car, they also have natural wear and tear owing to regular usage. Therefore, it is essential to replace them on time to avoid any significant damage to the car engine.

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Why is timing belt replacement necessary?

As mentioned above, timing belt is an integral part of any car engine. Replacing this belt on time is necessary to avoid any catastrophic engine failure. In case it snaps during driving, it can cause significant damage to your car.

Therefore, an annual diagnosis of timing belt is necessary, and if needed replace it to save yourself from a hefty engine repair bill.

What is the interval for engine timing belt repair?

There are no fixed periods for engine timing belt repairs; it solely depends on the car you are driving. Generally, the owner’s manual includes the required information for maintenance and replacement cycle of this component.

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How to recognise a timing belt malfunction?

To recognise timing belt wear and tear, you can keep an eye out for the following pointers.

  • Issues with starting the vehicle

If you are facing recurring issues while starting your vehicle, it may be an indication that the timing belt is at the end of its lifecycle. Without a properly functioning unit, the camshaft of the car will not rotate (at the same speed) when the crankshaft turns.

  • Rattling noise from the engine

If you hear rattling sound coming from the engine, it is also the sign of a worn-out timing belt. When a timing belt is old, it gets loose, and it causes this noise. Typically, you will notice this sound when you start the car, and the engine is cold.

Apart from that, if you carefully examine the timing belt and notice whether its underside has become glossy or not; if it has, you can contact us for Timing Belt Change Brighouse.

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