Wheel Alignment in Newport

At Ace Tyres Newport our specialist workshop is equipped with the latest laser precision technology, allowing us to accurately set your wheels to the optimal position.

Mechanic setting up wheel alignment equipment - Wheel Alignment Newport

Choose Ace Tyres Newport for Quality Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Wheel alignment refers to the angles of your wheels in relation to the rest of the vehicle, it is important for keeping you anchored to the road and getting the maximum number of miles out of your tyres.

Our team of alignment experts in Newport are able to set the correct alignment according to the exacting specifications set by the vehicle manufacturer. Caster, camber, tow in, tow out & ride heights will be checked against the manufacturer's specifications to ensure your vehicle travels in a straight line.

  • Longer lasting tyres

    Misaligned wheels can increase tyre wear, which means you’ll need to replace them sooner. You can save yourself time and tyres by checking your alignment regularly, your carbon footprint is reduced where premature tyre disposal is no longer an issue.

  • More miles for your money

    If your wheels are misaligned the engine will have to work harder, which means your vehicle will use more fuel. Your fuel consumption costs over a 12 month period will be greatly reduced.

  • Better handling

    Misalignment may mean that your vehicle pulls to one side. With total alignment, road shock is absorbed and your vehicle's suspension will give you a comfortable ride. You will find you steering to be far more responsive with easier handling.

  • Safer driving
    When we align your wheels, we’ll also check the suspension system, which enables us to report any potential issues before they become costly or safety related problems.

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