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Are you looking for Exhaust Services for your vehicle?

An optimally functioning car exhaust system keeps your vehicle road-worthy and compliant with the emissions standards. Faults in the exhaust drastically reduce your car’s performance and can lead to MOT failure as well.

Therefore, it is imperative to get your automobile’s exhaust serviced and repaired professionally from an garage for exhaust service Brighouse.

At PSM Tyres and Repair Centre, our technicians are adept at providing top-quality servicing of your car’s exhaust system. They also conduct accurate repairs and replacement of damaged exhaust components to keep your vehicle safe for the roads. Hence, do not hesitate to avail of our services if you come across any issues with your car exhaust.


What does an exhaust system do?

Your 4-wheeler’s exhaust performs the crucial task of driving noxious gases (carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, sulphur dioxide, etc.) away from the passenger cabin. More importantly, it converts these toxic gases into a mixture of harmless gases before releasing the same into the environment.

The exhaust system functions through several essential components, namely:

  • Exhaust manifold
  • Oxygen sensor
  • Catalytic converter
  • Muffler
  • Exhaust pipe

Faults with even one of the components will affect the exhaust system’s performance, thereby taking a toll on your car.

However, do not fret as our technicians provide excellent exhaust repair Brighouse, irrespective of the issue.

Indicators of a malfunctioning exhaust system

    • Excessive noise:

If you come across unusual noises from the exhaust, this indicates a problem with one or more components of the system. Some common causes are:

      • A rusted muffler
      • Leakage in the manifold gasket
      • Cracked exhaust pipe

Should you hear a loud or growling exhaust sound, make sure to reach a reputed exhaust servicing garage Brighouse for prompt repairs.

    • Poor fuel efficiency:

Faults in your vehicle’s exhaust system cause the engine to work harder. Consequently, the engine burns more fuel, and this reflects in a reduced fuel economy.

    • Reduced acceleration:

An exhaust leak is a primary cause of decreased acceleration. You must avail exhaust repair Brighouse services to avoid this issue from escalating.

    • Odour of noxious gases:

If you perceive the stench of toxic gases from your vehicle, this can be due to:

      • A leak in the pipe before the catalytic converter.
      • A damaged catalytic converter.

In either case, PSM Tyres and Repair Centre provides prompt exhaust repairing services to your benefit.

    • Knocking sound under the vehicle:

This usually happens due to a loose exhaust mount or a broken tailpipe.

    • Engine misfires:

Among a host of factors that cause engine misfires, a faulty exhaust system is a predominant one. It mainly happens when there is any obstruction in the exhaust valve system, because of which, exhaust fumes cannot exit from the pipe.

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