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Are you looking for TPMS Replacement for your vehicle?

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), as the name suggests, keeps track of the air pressure in each tyre and alerts the driver when it is too low.

At PSM Tyres and Repair Centre, we understand the importance of your vehicle’s TPMS sensor Brighouse as it ensures an extended tyre life, enhanced fuel efficiency, safety and environmental compliance.

Therefore, for your convenience, our experts provide accurate servicing and repairs of TPMS sensors, valve stems, rubber grommet etc.

Did you know even a 7-psi difference in tyre pressure can reduce tyres’ lifespan by a whopping 4970 miles?


How does TPMS work?

Understanding how this system works will help you comprehend the need for repairs and TPMS sensor replacement in case of any performance issues.

TPMS monitors air pressure inside pneumatic tyres and relays real-time information to the driver either directly (dTPMS) or indirectly (iTPMS). The TPMS sensor is integral to the system’s functioning.

Usually, it is attached with the valve stem. In some cars, the TPMS sensor is placed inside the wheel, opposite of the valve stem. This sensor uses a low-frequency radio to send the pressure data to the vehicle’s on-board computer.

Direct TMPS versus indirect TPMS

In direct TPMS, the system measures the tyre pressure using hardware sensors, with the sensor valve present in each wheel.

On the other hand, iTPMS measures tyre pressure using software-based systems. It combines existing sensor signals including wheel speeds, accelerometer, driveline data, etc. to analyse tyre pressure.

Now, TPMS sensors are powered by batteries which are ideally designed to last for nearly 8 years. Once the battery is dead, you need to replace the entire unit.

If you are wondering how to replace TPMS sensor battery, do not worry as our experts have got you covered. Regardless of the type of car you drive, they have the necessary equipment to assess your vehicle’s TPMS sensor and replace it without any hassle.

Why does the TPMS malfunction?

If you observe the TPMS warning light illuminated on your car’s dashboard, it may not necessarily mean that the tyres are deflated. There can be a possible fault with the sensor, valve stem or any other component.

Physical damage is a leading cause of TPMS sensor malfunctions. These sensors continuously operate in a harsh environment of extreme temperatures and vibration. Such forces can potentially damage temperature and pressure sensors as well as the transmission coils. We recommend you to seek our services under such circumstances and replace TPMS sensor Brighouse.

Another common reason behind TMPS sensor failure is corrosion of the valve stem sleeve, valve nuts, and valve core.

To avoid further issues, reach our authorised garage for repair and servicing of TPMS valve Brighouse.

Why choose us?

At PSM Tyres and Repair Centre, our professionals are thorough with the intricacies of your 4-wheeler’s TPMS. We understand that even one false move with the bead breaker while removing or installing the TPMS sensor can break it at the stem. You do not have to worry about such inaccuracies at our service station.

Hence, place us a call to book a service. You are also welcome to visit our workshop as per your convenience. 

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