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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


If you drive with unbalanced wheels for a prolonged period, it can lead to uneven tyre wear and can also damage the suspension and other components.

While fitting new tyres or wheels on your car, you must also opt for car wheel balancing Brighouse. Likewise, if you observe any signs of unbalanced wheels, you mustn’t delay and get the car wheels balanced accurately from a reputed garage.

PSM Tyres and Repair Centre excels at balancing your vehicle’s wheels with immaculate precision. Therefore, regardless of the type of car that you drive, reach us for professional wheel balancing (static or dynamic).


Why is wheel balancing and alignment necessary?

Car wheels (rim and tyres) play a crucial role in the vehicle’s overall dynamics. Accurately balanced wheels ensure that the tyres maintain proper contact with the road, thereby providing steerability.

In case of unbalanced wheels, centrifugal forces acting on the centre of the axle will be unbalanced when the wheel assembly rotates. As a result, its axis of rotation shifts, causing the vehicle to bounce or wobble and drastically reduces handling and stability.

How can we help?

At PSM Tyres and Repair Centre, our technicians use high-precision tools to detect the wheel imbalances and fix them promptly.

Our wheel balancing garage Brighouse conducts the following types of services -

    • Static wheel balancing

Technicians use a bubble balancer to ensure that your car wheels are static or balanced at rest. An adhesive weight is placed to counter the imbalance and prevent the wheels’ upward and downward movement.

    • Dynamic wheel balancing

Our professionals use state-of-the-art balancing machine to adjust heavy spots on one or both sides of your car wheels’ lateral centreline. This is achieved by placing appropriate weights, as suggested by the machine, on the heavy spots, thereby preventing wobbling.

Common signs of unbalanced automobile wheels

We recommend you to check your vehicle’s wheels every 6000 - 7000 miles even if there are no apparent issues.

However, seek professional car wheel balancing Brighouse immediately if you come across the following scenarios:

    • Odd vibrations

Do you feel unusual vibrations from your car’s steering wheel? It can indicate unbalanced wheels and must be fixed at the earliest.

    • Uneven tyre wear

Unbalanced wheels cause premature and uneven tyre wear.

    • Decreased mileage

Your car’s fuel economy may reduce due to unbalanced wheels.

    • Loss of tyre pressure

Another primary indicator of unbalanced wheels is that one loses pressure compared to the others.

Other than above, brand-new wheel and tyres can have minor weight variations across their circumference. Only accurate wheel balancing services can take care of this issue.

Are you searching “wheel balancing garage near me”?

PSM Tyres and Repair Centre is your one-stop solution for excellent wheel balancing and alignment in and around Brighouse. Feel free to place us a call to book a service.

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