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Dunlop Tyres

Dunlop Tyres, founded by the eminent pioneer John Boyd Dunlop in 1890, is a perennial favourite of car owners across the world. This over-a-century-old tyre manufacturer has built a solid reputation owing to its extensive association with motorsports long since its inception. However, its dynamic range of products with A-quality features provides for an array of everyday driving needs as well.

No wonder, we see substantial demand for Dunlop tyres Brighouse. Our customers in Brighouse strike a particular chord with this brand for its superior performance and an extensive collection of products, suitable for different seasons and different types of vehicles. We at PSM Tyres and Repair Centre stock a copious selection of Dunlop tyres consisting of the choicest models that run the whole scope of driving needs, from high-speed to superior handling performance.

Dunlop Tyres: Our picks

Dunlop is synonymous with state-of-the-art materials and distinguished all-round performance. Even then, some of its models are a cut above the others. We have handpicked a few Dunlop car tyres in Brighouse that are simply the best of the lot. Plus, we have arranged them based on seasonal use, so that you find it easier to navigate.

Summer Tyres

    • Sport Bluresponse

If your primary motive to buy Dunlop car tyres in Brighouse is to save on fuel without compromising on its all-round performance, then this one is for you. Its unique tread design and use of low-heat compound cut down on rolling resistance to make way for low fuel consumption.

Moreover, the Sport Bluresponse’s cross-shouldered tread patterns lower noise levels even while driving in high-speed; whereas it’s large central grooves make way for efficient water dispersion to prevent hydroplaning.

  • SP Sport Maxx

If you are all about pushing the envelope when driving, you might consider the SP Sport Maxx. It is one of the most popular car tyres in Brighouse owing to its superior levels of acceleration and braking performance.

Furthermore, its central rib allows for an effortless driving experience, and a unique tread pattern provides for a noise-less, comfy ride. Plus, its innovative tread regions facilitate excellent water dispersion, heightening traction levels in wet conditions.

Winter tyres

    • SP Wintersport 3D

Be it snowy or just spine-chilling cold, you can rely on the SP Wintersport 3D for a comfortable and convenient journey. Its unique silica compound provides for superior levels of grip in both dry and wet road conditions.

Plus, its mechanism facilitates even pressure distribution across a wide contact patch to enhance road grip. What’s more, the tyre is equipped with directional grooves, which make way for expeditious water dispersion.

    • Winter Sport 5

Slippery slopes in winter will be the least of your worries with the Winter Sport 5. Its uniquely angled sipes make way for excellent grip on slippery roads. Plus, its profuse grooves provide for excellent hydroplaning resistance.

What’s more, an evenly distributed weight across the tyre lowers rolling resistance to allow for fuel-efficiency.

These models are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our exclusive collection of Dunlop tyres Brighouse. Our service, however, extends beyond selling tyres. Experts at PSM Tyres and Repair Centre will also assist you in buying the tyre that not only complements your vehicle but also your driving needs. So, you can finally put a stop to your searches of ‘tyres near me’ with us!

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