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Continental Tyres

One of the largest conglomerates in the automotive industry, Continental manufactures tyres across variants, sizes, and specifications. Their technological innovations have also made them synonymous with high-quality, premium tyres.

Redefining tyres over the years, Continental brings its array of tyres for cars of different make and model. Our experts thus recommend Continental tyres Brighouse when you visit us for a tyre replacement service.

At PSM Tyres and Repair Centre, we stock a wide range of Continental car tyres to help you pick the best for your vehicle. With tyres stocked for different specifications and sizes, be assured of finding the perfect fit that keeps your driving experience high, all of it at competitive prices.

Here are some of the best picks from Continental car tyres in Brighouse we have on store.

Continental tyres in Brighouse – The best picks

Continental brings some of the best tyres in the market, units that serve as a perfect combination of performance and safety.

  • Tyres for passenger cars

We have assorted some of the best Continental tyres for passenger cars. So, whether you own a hatchback or a sedan, your ‘car tyres near me’ searches end with us in Brighouse.

Some of the best car tyres we would suggest from Continental for your vehicle include –

  • ContiSportContactTM 5P

These super-sport tyres offer precise steering and handling, typically for sporty drives. They are also optimised for remarkable stability and outstanding grip.

  • ContiSportContactTM 3

The unique asymmetrical pattern of this tyre’s tread provides improved safety and offer protection from aquaplaning. It is also engineered to offer reduced braking distance on both wet and dry road conditions.

  • Tyres for SUVs and Crossovers

Continental tyres for SUVs and Crossovers come in three variants, i.e., all round, sport and eco tyres. And, we stock up all!

  • Conti4X4 SportContact

This tyre offers a comfortable driving experience along with remarkable cornering stability and protection against hydroplaning. If you often go on longer drives, these tyres may be suitable for your SUV or CUV.

  • ContiCrossContactTM LX2

This sports tyre offers excellent handling on-road as well as light off-roading. Its noticeable braking performance for both dry and wet driving conditions along with improved fuel efficiency make it one of our choicest picks for your SUVs.

Other models of Continental tyres Brighouse you can get your hands on include –

  • ContiEcoContactTM 5 SUV
  • ContiCrossContactTM UHP
  • Conti4X4 Contact
  • ContiTrac SUV
  • ContiPremiumContactTM 5
  • ContiMaxContact MC5

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While at it, we also stock up tyres from a range of other international brands manufacturing tyres for vehicles of all makes and models. So, while you can buy Continental tyres in Brighouse with us, you can also browse through our catalogue of products to back up your choice. Reach out to us anytime at our online portal or visit our facility on weekdays, we are at it to serve.

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