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Yokohama Tyres

Yokohama tyres are part of a Japanese conglomerate, dubbed the Yokohama Rubber Company. Known for its sturdy tyres, Yokohama’s products are popular both for everyday use and for motorsport racing. If you are currently searching for Yokohama tyres Brighouse, we at PSM Tyres and Repair Centre can help you out with your requirements.

Yokohama tyres are characterised by their superior handling and driving comfort. High-end tyres are even suitable for a variety of vehicular sports, including track driving and rallying.  

You can choose from six distinct types of Yokohama car tyres in Brighouse, based on your preference and on the vehicle your own. If you are in Brighouse, head to PSM Tyres and Repair Centre for quick and affordable tyre purchases and fitting services.

Types of Yokohama tyres available

You can easily find the following kinds of Yokohama tyres Brighouse. Keep in mind that each wheel type comes with additional sub-types, which is why you should choose carefully.

  • Summer Tyres
  • If spring is setting in and you are looking to equip your car with summer tyres, Yokohama is the perfect choice for you. With superior traction on dry roads, these wheels should help you avoid any mishaps during the drive. Buy Yokohama tyres in Brighouse and enjoy a comfortable ride every time.

    Popular summer models from the brand include the ADVAN Sport V105, ADVAN Fleva V701 and the ADVAN NEOVA AD08RS.

  • All-Season Tyres
  • If you possess a ‘one tyre fits all conditions’ approach, choose one of the best all-season tyres. Whether you are looking for a comfortable drive on wet roads or enhanced handling in dry conditions, all-season Yokohama tyres in Brighouse can help achieve both.

  • Winter Tyres
  • When looking for car tyres in Brighouse, you should be mindful of the road conditions you hope to navigate. If you plan to traverse wet or snow-laden roads, opting for a winter tyre would be best. Thankfully, Yokohama’s diverse winter tyre range offers sufficient choice to you when you are about to make a purchase.

  • SUV & 4X4 Tyres
  • SUVs and 4X4 vehicles require specialised tyres, primarily due to their heavier build. Yokohama tyres provide several benefits for this segment of vehicles. Better traction quality, improvements in mileage and enhanced handling are just some of the benefits you can expect after equipping these cars with the brand’s wheels.

Acquiring Yokohama wheels in Brighouse

Let us save you some time from Googling ‘tyres near me’. Instead, if you are in and around Brighouse, simply drive down to PSM Tyres and Repair Centre for premium tyre and car servicing. Our garage offers a host of repairs and adjustments, alongside selling various vehicular products. If you are looking to save some time, you can also order tyres directly from our website.

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