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Davanti Tyres

Davanti is one of the newer entries in the United Kingdom’s automotive market. The brand is also the official partner for one of the most well-loved football clubs in the country – Everton F.C.

Davanti tyres are known for their superior quality and build. They manufacture all types of products, including seasonal units, namely, summer, winter and all-season tyres.

If you are looking for Davanti tyres Brighouse, heading to PSM Tyres and Repair Centre garage is your best option. Regardless of the type of tyre you require, we can provide a wide range of products at affordable rates.

Popular Davanti car tyres in Brighouse

Summer wheels from Davanti are the perfect fit for your vehicle if you mostly commute in and around the town, allowing for maximum driving comfort and handling. Specialised winter tyres, on the other hand, can help you navigate the vehicle across icy and snow-laden streets. If you want to limit seasonal tyre changing, though, picking an all-season model would be a perfect choice.

  • DX240
  • These summer tyres are specifically designed for smaller cars. Apart from superior traction, these wheels also maximise your car’s fuel economy. Moreover, the latest technology equipped in these tyres allows for low noise drives. Purchase such Davanti tyres Brighouse at the best prices to ensure increased durability and even wear.

  • DX640
  • Utility Vehicles require specialised tyres for optimal safety and handling in hot and humid conditions. The DX640 from Davanti allows for superior surface grip and premium performance without burning a hole in your pockets.

  • Wintoura
  • If you are preparing for the harsh winters ahead, Wintoura should be an ideal choice. These tyres in Brighouse will allow your car to drive safely even on snow-laden roads. This advanced winter performance is possible mainly due to the superior traction that such tyre offers. Davanti achieves all of this without compromising the comfort factor.

  • Terratoura A/T

Are you planning to engage in off-road drives with your vehicle? With the Terratoura A/T wheels, you can easily undertake such journeys, without worrying about safety or loss of traction. Additional features of these tyres include a high-endurance load-bearing capacity, along with rigid construction.

Where to buy Davanti tyres in Brighouse

At PSM Tyres and Repair Centre, we offer a wide range of Davanti tyres to fulfil your needs. Apart from listing various wheel models, we provide car repairing and maintenance services as well. Our experts can quickly service your vehicle, rectifying any issues in the process. Rather than searching ‘tyres near me’, simply visit us and choose from a wide assortment of available options.

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